High Council

From MIT Assassins' Guild

The officers of the MIT Assassins' Guild are known collectively as the High Council.

Current Council[edit]

As of the election in the spring of 2021, the High Council is as follows. See Past High Councils for historical records.

Grandmaster Diana Shklover[edit]

Governing officer and liason to the administration

Vicemaster Faye Yu[edit]

Assistant to the Grandmaster and head of publicity

Scribe Spencer Lane[edit]

Records meetings and conducts general correspondance for the Guild

Secretary of the Exchequer CJ Quines[edit]

Handles funding and supplies

Sergeant at Arms Jerry Han[edit]

Maintains the Guild armory, keeps the Grandmaster in check, and ensures the cleanliness of the office

Contact Info[edit]

The High Council can be contacted by email at high-council@mit.edu.

Non-administrative positions[edit]

Court Wizard Paul Weaver[edit]

Maintains Guild computer resources

Sage Beth Baniszewski[edit]

Maintains Guild archives