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Master Assassins 2010-Present[edit]

Victoria Longe []


Benjamin Lehnert [Spring 16]

   Nominated for charming and/or murdering his way to victory in ADoR and Memphis. Discussion highlighted risk-taking and ferreting out other plots. 

Shi-Ke Xue [Spring 16]

   Nominated for strong wins in Calypso and Contact. Discussion highlighted ability to fly under the radar with crazy stuff, and making games better for everyone. 

Rachel Nations [Spring 16]

   Nominated for wins in London Underground, Memphis. Discussion highlighted going toe to toe with other Masters and always being an intimidating presence in Guild games. 

Veronica Boyce [Spring 16]

   Nominated for exceeding deception in Calypso (Spring 2014) resulting in a plot win. Discussion highlighted exceptional roleplay and costuming. 

Haley Brandt-Erichsen [Fall 15]

   Nominated for cutting down a significant number of the blood mages and plots she was supposed to stop in Memphis, and for general success in her other games. Discussion highlighted survivability and lethality. 

Casey McNamara [Fall 15]

   Nominated for assassinating someone in a room connecting to the common room and having no one place her within several buildings of the scene. Discussion highlighted innocuousness and the ability for most people to look at her murders and go "There was probably a good reason for that". 

Emily Rosser [Fall 13]

   Nominated for accomplishing a GM-described "impossible plot" in Heithur, and for improving the Guild experience for many people, particularly through costuming work. Discussion cites several of her wins, as well as much agreement that she makes games fun for those around her. 

Steven Valdez [Fall 13]

   Nominated for accomplishing a GM-described "impossible plot" in Heithur, and for making sure everyone knows who Terry F Boot is. It is also mentioned in discussion that he's run games and is good at not getting distracted from his goals. 

Kendra Beckler [Spring 13]

   Discussion includes "armenarding the economy in Contact", skills at cat herding, and several solid wins. It didn't hurt that she's the only Vicemaster to have successfully taken out her Grandmaster in the manner openly declared during during her candidacy for the office.

Sophie Monahan [Spring 12]

   During the discussion, it is generally agreed that she is a phenomenal role-player and makes the games she plays better for everyone else. Additionally, she is praised for her ability to fool and manipulate those around her without stepping out of character, making her a fearsome opponent. Also referenced are wins in B5 and Dresden.

Ariel Segall [Spring 11]

   Her ability to make games fun for others through excellent role-playing, her service to the Guild, and some solid wins are all cited.

Stephanie Paige [Spring 11]

   In discussion it is mentioned that she is a terrifying opponent, and that she has a long string of successes and excellent play in many games throughout her entire Assassin career.

Joy Perkinson [Spring 11]

   Spectacular role-playing and success in several games are cited, as well as all-around extremely solid play. 

Master Assassins 2000-2009[edit]

Erik Chen [Fall 10]

   Dominating Firewind Junction was cited, as well as general good play, excellent roleplaying, and making games fun for other players. 

Eli Stickgold [Spring 09]

   Discussion cites consistent competence and winning plots, and being a terrifying opponent. 

Kathleen Clark-Adams [Spring 09]

   Discussion cites consistent success, subtle skill, and excellent role-playing. 

Erik Fogg [Spring 09]

   Discussion cites consistently winning plots, excellent role playing, and much service to the Guild, as Vicemaster and otherwise. 

Beth Baniszewski [Spring 09]

   Discussion cites persistently winning plots and consistently persuading people to trust her even when they really know they shouldn't. 

Daniel Kane [Fall 08]

   Discussion mentions a strong win in FF:YS and consistent excellent performance. 

Greg Lohman [Spring 08]

   Discussion cites his significant role-playing skills, and his general history of success in games. 

Laura Boylan [Fall 07]

   Discussion includes repeated references to "she's been really successful since she stopped being type-cast as the crazy art chick". The ability to role-play well and raise the role-playing level of others around her, and skill in writing detailed worlds and characters are also mentioned. 

Ken Clary [Fall 07]

   Discussion includes repeated references to "why isn't he a master already?" Success in various games, ("He's the guy no one can catch") as well as skill at GM'ing and maintenance of GameTeX are also mentioned. 

Philip Tan [Spring 05]

   For consistently fantastic roleplaying and scoring an impressive victory in "Road to Impunity". He is also commended for his service to the Guild as Secretary of the Exchequer and the writer of many popular games. 

Carl Stern [Fall 04] Mike Phillips [Spring 03]

   For a spectacular and excellent win in L5, along with consistant good play. 

Jim Waldrop [Fall 02]

   Impressive wins were cited with good play, roleplaying, and dedication to the Guild during the discussion. 

Andy Menard [Fall 00]

   His skill at stomping all over economics plots is mentioned, as well as the way he always manages to put himself in a position of public power. 

Tony Camire [Fall 00]

   Many impressive wins were cited, as well as the feeling of dread people have when they find out he's their opposition. 

Peter Litwack [Spring 00]

   Several wins, general good play, and impressive roleplaying are discussed in the discussion preceding his elevation. 

Master Assassins 1990-1999[edit]

Jay Muchnij [Fall 98]

   The Scribe was not present for his own discussion, and had no agents in place to report back the details. That he was elevated to Master Assassin without even these basic skills can only be due to his having fooled those present into believing he has the abilities of a Master... 

Andy Twyman [Fall 98]

   His ability to accomplish his goals without anyone knowing what he's up to or even realizing that he has accomplished them is cited. His service to the Guild and role-playing are also mentioned. 

Larry DeLucas [Fall 98]

   His impressive ability to determine who needs to die and seeing to it is cited. That he's "Legendary in his own time" and quite competent even when outside his specialty are also mentioned. 

Susan Born [Fall 98]

   Her service and dedication to the guild, quiet competence, role-playing (with special note to the terrible accent in Showdown), and intrepidity are all mentioned. 

Roger Dingledine [Fall 98]

   His ability to discover most everything that's going on in a game, as well as skill at information trading, persistance, and survival rates are all mentioned. 

Brian Litofsky [Spring 98]

   Impressive win in Babylon 5, as well as consistent good play, is cited. 

Tom Giordano [Spring 96]

   Consistent good play and several plot wins are cited, as well as impressive agent behavior. 

Derek Herrera [Fall 95]

   The description of "role-playing to win" is coined to describe him, victories in Ankara and Siege, and being a motivating force behind Dem Inc. are all mentioned. 

Nico Garcia [Fall 94]

   Nico's performance in Star Wars, Convention, and Winter are all mentioned, as well as his hopping-around-East-Campus-on-one-foot gunfight from Epilogue, and fairness and role-playing in general. 

Kate Mahoney [Fall 94]

   Excellence in political plots, writing, and "having done really well in a large number of games" are mentioned. 

Pier Ho [Fall 94]

   The 8-people-in-the-Nazi-vault massacre is cited, as is her play in Convention (use of a word chain mechanic to thwart her enemies is especially noted), and other longer-ago games. 

Andrew Kraft [Spring 94] David Oh [Spring 94] Wes Carroll [Spring 94]

   Charismatic and game-winning play in a number of games is cited, and writing of Azathoth and Generic. "Wes is the epitome of, um, I forget the word." -Frank 

Rob Fermier [Spring 93]

   Despite an amazing inability of anyone to remember him, even when he mind controls the entire game (this is, conversely, cited as a benefit to looking harmless and innocent), he consistently does well and has won a number of times. 

Frank Pelkofer [Spring 93]

   A very stylish win in Prisoner, and overall high quality play is mentioned. Plus service to the Guild, a category never seen before, is mentioned five or ten times. 

Stephen Rinehart [Spring 93]

   Lots of attempting to rule the world and sometimes succeeding is cited, though mostly dying, is cited. It's even admitted that despite his firm entrenchment on the Play-To-Win side of the Force, he role-plays well. "Maybe if you make him a Master, he'll stop jumping out of buildings." 

Mike Person [Spring 93]

   One claim is that he's the "most consistently underrated player in the Guild." I think this is complimentary, but it was definitely a cool quote, so it's being included. 

Mark Rousculp [Spring 93]

   High role-playing, usually doing well, and a huge win in Midnight are cited. 

James Kirtley [Spring 93]

   Consistent good play as well as a large victory in Starlight are cited. 

John Conger [Spring 93]

   The Scribe gives a speech in his behalf which includes all the relevant keywords. Because of the amazing speech, as well as the trivial additions of such things as overall good play and good writing, he is confirmed. 

Mahk LeBlanc [Fall 1992]

   The most memorable thing that was said about Mahk was "He seems to either consistently accomplish his goals, or get killed, and there's something to be said for that." It may not have been the most flattering thing, but it was definitely the most witty, and so I wrote it down. 

Charles Hope [Fall 1992]

   Charles was mentioned for play in Rush, but very little discussion ensued, as he had previously been used several times as an example in the previous two hours of flamage as an example of why Master didn't work because he wasn't one. 

Laura Baldwin [Fall 1992]

   The Scribe was out of the room for her own discussion, but reports from her spies indicate that she was praised for her ability to play an item card. 

Donna Bell [Fall 90]

   Nominated by the Star Trek GMs, not specifically for play during that game, for a consistently high standard of role-playing and in-character successes. 

Phil Nesser [Spring 90]


Master Assassins Founding-1989[edit]

Cael MacAyre [Summer 89]


Sarath Krishnaswamy [Spring 89]

   In the words of one of the GMs involved, "Sarath was nominated for his consistant skill in role paying, and his ability to verbally grind you into the dirt, while leaving you enjoying every minute of it." 

David Miles [IAP 89]

   As Warlock, he accomplished every goal set out for him. At the end of Times, there were no surviving characters whose plots were not either neutralized or subserviant to him. 

Jen Hawthorne [Spring 88]

   As the (secret) Emir of the Void, Jen was cited by the GMs as excellent in figuring out what was really going on in Levels (and in games in general), and cited additionally for role-playing and writing. 

Brett Wood [Spring 88]

   Brett played Warlock in Rico, his first game, and impressed the GMs by ``scheming furiously. 

Niki Pantelias [IAP 88]

   As one of the few allies of the prince with the largest target on his chest, Niki kept him alive, got him on the throne, and negotiated an alliance with the Camberian Council. And mostly kept anyone from figuring out she was really a girl... 

Dave Policar [IAP 88]

   Leader of the Camberian Council's opposition, the evil Circle of Imre, Dave managed to adjust its PR to that of good guys and advisors to the throne anyway. 

Harry Teplitz [IAP 88]

   At the same time as Harry was nominated for Master, he had the "Blind leading the Blind" awards and the "Asbestos Earmuffs In-Character Flamage" awards named after him. The leader of the Camberian Council (half of what would become white-magic, in an utterly irrelevant Scribely aside), which got pretty much everything it wanted. 

Lang Zerner [Fall 87]

   Tea in the Sahara 

Stan Zanarotti [Fall 87]

   Tea in the Sahara 

Rickland Powell [Spring 87]

   Quazar (Cult of the Apocalypse second) 

Jeff Arenberg [Spring 87]

   Quazar (Cult of the Apocalypse leader) 

Brad Sagarin [IAP 87] Dave Henry [Fall 86]

   Dave is probably most well known for taking himself hostage with a small rubber ball in front of a room full of people, but this was somewhat later. 

Steve McDonald [Fall 86]

   A long time player, Steve was made a Master for his generally excellent play capped by his performance as Simon Templar in Atlantis. Whether agent or commander, free-lancer or anything else, Steve has always played an excellent game. 

Mike Zehr [Fall 86]

   Starting out as the Great Bolov Kornchechs in Spring 86, Mike turned in one of the most incredible performances of all the Masters to date with his portrayel of Hubert Hinckle, Heirarch of the Church of Opus. From convincing half the world that he was GAUNTLET, when he was, in fact, the SWORD number two, to talking his way out of being truth serumed after he was already tied up, Mike's performance was almost unbelievable. 

J. Mike Hammond [Fall 86]

   As the Shiek Abu Baks, JMike turned in an impressive performance as the second in command of SHIELD. His playing and characterization were made even more impressive by the fact that it was only his third game. 

Jim Rauen [Fall 86]

   Better known as WARLOCK, Jim came within a hairsbreadth of leading SWORD to its fourth victory, and control of the world. For his brilliant performance, and generally excellent roleplaying, he was made a Master Assassin, despite the fact that SWORD was eventually defeated. 

Aimee Yermish [Fall 86]

   With three victories behind them, and control of the World as their reward for one more victory, SWORD was finally halted in its tracks by Aimee, playing the role of GAUNTLET, commander of SHIELD. For all that SHIELD was supposedly the good guys, they performed more violent acts than all of SWORD put together. As a result of this victory, coupled with her role-playing in previous games, she was made Master Assassin. 

Brian Anderson [Spring 86]

   Brian achieved his title for leading SWORD to its third straight victory through his control of COCA, the Committee On Constructing Atlantis. Brian has never killed anyone unless the person was out-numbered and unarmed, or out-numbered, unarmed, and totally helpless. Brian's victory was accomplished through sitting at the center of a web and letting his agents take all the risks. 

Dave Krikorian [Fall 85]

   The next WARLOCK, Dave gained the title of Master Assassin after leading SWORD to its second victory in a row, through a combination of skilled role-playing and well-timed assassinations, the dangerous part of which, like all good commanders, he generally left to his agents. 

Steve Strassmann [Spring 85]

   Although Straz has certainly killed his share of people, and subsequently fed them to xerox machines, can redeemers, and disk drives, his title was awarded for his brilliant performance as WARLOCK, leading SWORD to its first victory in 2 years, and its second ever. Straz made no kills that entire game, rather he conned everyone else into working for him. Straz also became an honourary PEN agent at the end of the game. 

Paulette Struckman [IAP 85]

   Paulette received her title not for successfully killing four people at Talbot House, but for subsequently convincing everyone that she hadn't done it, despite the fact that she was the only one left alive in the room. Her performance as Dr. Hargreaves in the IAP 85 gave her the chance to show off her role-playing ability, and confirmed her appointment to Master. 

Charles Goldman [Fall 84]

   The great Doctor Schlemiel ben-Yenta, alias Mossad agent Double-Oy Seven. Charles received his title largely because of his superb characterization of Dr. ben-Yenta, the Israeli Ambassador to the Gold Medal talks, in which he was instrumental in defeating SWORD. Charles has made all of two kills in his career, one of a helpless and unconscius SWORD agent (contact poison on the cup handle), and one of someone who knew he was a good-guy and wasn't worried. As it happens, this particular kill was A Mistake. 

Laura Daly [Fall 83]

   Walter's lieutenant, and a superb role-player, in every game she has played. Laura has only killed one person over all the many games she has been involved in. Laura is perhaps most famous for her great "cookie murder." 

Walter Stickle [Fall 83]

   The first WARLOCK, Walter lead SWORD to victory in its first game ever. While his ability as a killer is unquestioned, he generally left this to his agents. Walter received the title for being a far better actor than anyone gave him credit for (Polish Commander to Walter: "You are either Simon Templar or a far better actor than I give you credit for."). Apparently, almost everyone else agreed, since SWORD scored a resounding victory. 

Bryan Knight [Spring 83]

   Bryan received the title of Master Assassin for his work commanding HIS in the IAP 83 game, the first game produced by the Guild, and for his work as the commander of STAMP in the Spring 83 STAMP vs. INSECT game. Bryan never killed anyone in either game. 

Stephen Balzac

   Steve became a Master when the Guild was officially created: he created it (Several flame wars between alumni clarify that Steve Balzac was not the only person involved in the founding of the Guild, that circle games were established before he arrived, and that Steve's principal contributions were getting the Guild recognized as a student organization and writing most of the first dozen non-circle games.). At the first election, he elected himself Grand Master- breaking the tie of 0-0 with 15 abstentions. Steve was elected Grandmaster Emeritus in Spring 1985.