Notes for the Sergeant

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"Rule 24: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a big gun." -- The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries, Schlock Mercenary

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Your Objective[edit]


The office of the Assassins’ Guild is W20-447. Getting into the office requires a combination to be entered into a set of doors. You can find more information about the office combo on the High Council bluesheet.

We have the front half of the office and SEDS has the back half. The Sgt@Arms should clean the office when needed and berate those who messed it up. It is current High Council policy that GM Teams will not be reimbursed for game expenses until the office is returned to a reasonable state of cleanliness and approved by a member of the High Council. So you can exploit this policy if just social pressure doesn’t work.


The Sgt@Arms is responsible for maintaining the Guild’s armory. Keep it organized and accessible, yell at people for not returning any guns/ammo/headbands, and consult with the Secretary to purchase any new equipment/supplies that we need. It helps keep the armory organized if you help GM teams put everything away at game clean-up, so you should try to do that when you can, but it’s not a requirement of your job to be at every game or anything.


The Sgt@Arms is supposed to keep people behaving properly at meetings. Since this is the Assassins’ Guild, a bit of rowdiness is tolerated, but the Sgt@Arms can squish people who are being too obnoxious by asking them to leave or confiscating their guns.

Punting the Grandmaster[edit]

When discussing on an issue, if the Sgt@Arms feels the Grandmaster is biased they have the right to make a motion removing the Grandmaster from chairing the meeting.


The BFG (Big Fucking Gun) is the symbol of your office. Bring it to meetings. Pick whichever current gun you feel is most imposing. Feel free to bring as many other guns as you feel are necessary.


Sgt@Arms subdirectory[edit]

/mit/assassin/Sgt@Arms has random stuff from your predecessors.

Armory inventory[edit] is a spreadsheet with an inventory of the armory. Get access from your predecessor and keep it updated. Feel free to switch to a different format/location if you have a better idea.

See Also[edit]

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