Resources for Running The Guild

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This page should contain links to the different documents and resources relevant to running the Guild, especially for the High Council.

High Council Sheets[edit]

These are versions of the old High Council Greensheets and Bluesheet migrated to the Wiki for easier maintenance. They may still be out of date in some places, so tread carefully.

High Council Google Drive[edit]

There's a Google Drive folder. You can find the link on the Trello Board, which you'll need to be added to. Under no circumstances should the link to the drive be placed here! (The link grants view access to everything, and it's too much information to make public.)

The Office Combo[edit]

The office code combination is pretty useless at this point, because you also have to have card access, thanks to the old lock getting replaced. Email the High Council for access.

How to (re)install the Wiki[edit]

See /mit/assassin/Scribe/web-install-info.txt. If you don't know how to find that, you won't be able to reinstall the wiki anyway.