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The schedule of games being run in Spring 2023 under the auspices of the MIT Assassins' Guild is as follows.

Make sure that you are on the Assassins' Guild Mailing List to receive the application forms for these games.


First and Third Saturday of the month, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

[2/24 Weekend] Persephone's Gift[edit]

GM: kkb

The Spacer world Persephone is in trouble. A mutation in the native life led to the collapse of Persephone's carefully managed environment. The atmosphere is now unbreathable and human life impossible outside of force-field-covered areas.

The Settler world of Echo is also troubled. The support for colonization was cut before the new ecology was stable. Without an additional injection of citizens the terraforming project will fail.

A plan was devised to overcome both worlds' problems by relocating the population of Persephone onto Echo. For this to work, though, both sides will need to overcome the centuries-long mistrust between Settlers and Spacers, and deal with their cultural differences, especially with respect to the use of robots.

Then the ship transporting the first group of colonists arrived at Echo, destroyed.

[3/11 Weekend] An Aquarium Auction[edit]

GM: CJ Quines

Tonight, in an aquarium: a cocktail party of the rich and influential. You work for a clandestine global organization whose job is to keep the following secret: paranormal artifacts are real, dangerous, and expensive. Everyone on the guestlist, you included, is a spy. The question is: who for?

Tonight, on auction: a painting, a statue, and a bottle of wine. A billionaire recluse dies and leaves behind three items. You suspect there is more to them than meets the eye, and so does everyone else. The question is: what?

Tonight, at stake: an underground economy, a tenuous peace, and a fragile masquerade. Representatives of the world's largest powers gather, for the first time in decades. Something is bound to happen. The question is: when?

An Aquarium Auction is a two-hour, nine-player game about espionage, allegiance, and value, set in a modern-day magical realist world. Players will bid, negotiate, sneak, lie, eavesdrop, steal, and spy to achieve their goals.

[4/8 Weekend] Upton Manor[edit]

GMs: Tamasin Wohlers and Alex Dehnert

England, 1922.

At Upton Manor, home of the Earl of Moncreiff, the two branches of the family are poised to reconcile after a long and bitter feud. But when an unexpected death occurs, the mood quickly devolves from joy and merriment into suspicion and scheming, as blame is cast and everyone rushes to see how they can best turn the situation to their advantage, while still keeping up a proper facade of grief.

Upton Manor is a three hour low-plot game of intrigue, secrets, and romance, with a dash of murder thrown in. Though using the veneer of a murder mystery as a framing device, intrigue and character relationships take priority over the actual mystery, with most characters being far more interested in blaming their rivals or covering up any scandal than in actual investigation. While plot is far from absent in the game, it is largely light, the focus is largely on shtick, socializing in-character, and drinking tea.

Content warnings: Drug, gambling, and other addictions, family rivalries which may involve murder, sexism, classism, infidelity, backstory involving torture (non-graphic). Please note this is a period piece and expectations of most of the characters regarding gender norms, sexuality, and class are fairly strict.

Game was written for Guild Camp by Alex Dehnert, James Hoban, twohlers, and Veronica Boyce.

[4/22 Weekend] Time Crunch[edit]

GMs: Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson, Dexter Chan, Will Kalb

Time Crunch is a time-loop game focused on fighting your way through a dangerous facility full of unknown enemies with unnatural powers. The game will be a physically-active experience featuring high-action combat using Nerf weaponry and similar toy guns. No prior experience is necessary, we will be going over all rules and distributing all game material on the day of the game.

Game will run multiple times over the course of several weeks, with one trip through the time loop each session, until the characters figure out how to break free of the cycle. Players are encouraged to play in multiple runs and bring more people for subsequent weeks, sharing what they learn about how to quickly defeat the various enemies and challenges, in order to make it to the deepest areas of the facility and solve the underlying crisis before time starts over again.

For returning players, this iteration of the game will involve your characters from last time, in a smaller, more focused format. Any players who can NPC a run, please do so -- the more NPCs we have, the richer the game will be for everyone.

[4/22 Weekend] Spring Guild Meeting[edit]

Politics and backstabbing *without* character sheets!

Officer Reports. Standing Policy debates. Masterings. And probably some constitutional edits.

[5/6 Weekend] Midnight on Armitage Station[edit]

GMs: kbeth and slane


The Syndicate War continues to escalate, leaving few neutral territories. Here on Amritage Station the future is uncertain. Serving as a Lagrange point way station between Earth and Mars, it has served both sides so far to preserve its neutrality but now rumors spread that the last unaligned corporations may be considering an alliance and the balance of power may be shifting. Understaffed (and underpoliced), the increasingly malfunctioning station has become a hub for more than just legitimate trade. Can the residents maintain the station? Will its independence be preserved?

Or is it...

Midnight on Armitage Station

Midnight on Armitage Station is a four hour cyberpunk LARP of intrigue, diplomacy, and espionage written by kbeth and slane