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The Assassins' Guild is an MIT student activity, and as such is open primarily to members of the MIT community, alums, and their friends.

Mailing List[edit]

To be added to the assassins-guild mailing list, which is where announcements of upcoming games are sent, send mail to the High Council asking to be added or use this form.


For more information about Patrol, send mail to Patrolcomm; or add yourself to the patrol-players mailing list. (Use WebMoira or at an Athena command prompt run blanche patrol-players -add $USER.)


Non-members are welcome to participate in our games. If you'd like to become a member:

1 Year Membership[edit]

One-year dues are pay-what-you-want.

Suggested amount for MIT students: $0.

Suggested amount for others: $10.

Life Membership[edit]

Life Memberships are $111.

Permanent Membership[edit]

Permanent Memberships are $666, and may be passed on to an heir.