Games of Spring 2022

From MIT Assassins' Guild

The schedule of games being run in Spring 2022 under the auspices of the MIT Assassins' Guild is as follows.

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[3/5] Patrol Replacement: Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny[edit]

GM: Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson

Saturday, March 5th, from 8 to 11 PM, on the hallowed battlefield of the 1st floor of Building 36, there shall be held a most epic combat. It shall be the Last Battle Royal, the Skirmish of the Millennium, the Tie-breaking Ritual Combat, the Titular Versus, the Final Fisticuffs Frontier. Indeed, it shall be THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF ULTIMATE DESTINY!

Witness the Official Theatrical Trailer:

It's a giant asymmetric free-for-all, with every character having different weapons and wacky abilities! Shoot your friends! Make new enemies! Die in glorious combat and live on in Valhalla! And when you're been there and done that, come back and get a new character so you can re-join the fray!

Many will enter the battle, but ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE! I wonder who it will be? Will Spider Man's webs tangle up Groot's roots? Will Captain Planet put sharks with frikkin laser beams on their heads back on the endangered species list? Poe or Finn--WHO WILL GO DOWN FIRST?

Game will start at 8 PM with going over the rules. If you can't make it on time, you can get a rules run-down and a nerf gun in your hands when you arrive.

[3/11 Weekend] On the Hogwarts Express[edit]

GMs: Ariel Segall and Andrew Menard

It's your seventh year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but you know already nothing will be the same. Snape is your new headmaster, after the rumored murder of his predecessor. Muggleborn students have been banned, and students from elsewhere are coming to Hogwarts for the very first time. The train ride to school is always energetic, between the last gasp of summer, anticipation of the term to come, and an excess of sugar; however, this year it's downright chaos. The Weasley Twins have somehow managed to make even more trouble than they ever did as students, the Ministry of Magic has sponsored a card tournament in a ridiculous attempt to improve their reputation, and old rivals are trying to recruit new allies. And on top of everything else, the train has somehow gone and gotten itself stuck. Travelling to Hogwarts has never been so troublesome, but at least you've got plenty to do while you're here.

On the Hogwarts Express is a lighthearted one-night (four-hour) game run by Ariel Segall and Andrew Menard, set six months before the events of the Harry Potter Year 7 ten-day game, and introducing several of the ten-day mechanics. Playing the one-night will not affect your casting in the ten-day when it runs; this is a spoiler-free game.

[3/19] Patrol[edit]

First and Third Saturday of the month, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

[4/22 Weekend] Seek/Find[edit]

GMs: twholers

Welcome to the Lost and Found of Section, America’s premier top secret spy agency. Please fill out a form with your missing item information, and someone will be with you shortly.

As one of the world’s top spies, there is no person that can elude you, no piece of data you cannot access, no item you cannot find. Unless, of course, it’s your car keys, or that souvenir pen you like so much, or your wedding ring. That’s why you’re here.

Because, let’s face it, when your job is to literally save the world on a daily basis, sometimes the everyday things have a way of slipping by you… .

Seek/Find is a somewhat absurdist and satirical game for twelve players about the personal problems and relationship failures of a group of super-spies who, while hyper-competent in their professional lives, are just ordinary people in their personal lives. It focuses almost exclusively on interpersonal relationships and characterization, there is very little ‘plot’ per se – players who want problems to overcome that don’t involve relationship issues, or things to do that are not simply talking to people, will likely be disappointed.

Content Warnings: All characters work for the American Government doing potentially questionable spy things and this is portrayed as generally positive. Other warnings: death of a parent, having caused the death of an innocent due to DUI, departmental infighting, cancer.

[4/29 Weekend] Long Ago and Far Away[edit]

GMs: Stephen Balzac & Aimee Yermish

Welcome to the sleepy Kingdom of Balmoria, a land of nobles and peasants, sorcerers, witches, and the occasional talking animal. Under the wise leadership of the beloved King Balendin, nothing much of note happens in Balmoria. Really.

But something strange is going on…

Why are so many people and, well, not people converging on King Balendin’s castle? What got the dragon so burning mad? And what was going on in Barrel Barbick’s tavern that night? Why is the Big Bad Wolf so unhappy? Did he eat someone that disagreed with him? What was that up in the sky? A bird? A plane? What is a plane? Why do the Terrible Triumvirate look so smug? What is that strange apparition glimpsed in the hallways of the castle? And why is the wicked witch smiling?

Join us for Long Ago and Far Away, a short LARP based in a world of fractured and intersecting fairy tales, where magic is real, the animals talk, and "happily ever after" isn't guaranteed.

[5/6 Weekend] Pokémon: Champion's Dawn[edit]

GM: Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson

The day has finally arrived for the Pokémon League World Championship tournament! The city is bustling with new arrivals: the different regional finalists and their coaches, media personalities and celebrity guests, corporate sponsors promoting their latest battling gear, scientists looking to study Pokémon’s highest-level abilities, recruiters looking for promising talent, and of course thousands of League fans and excited tourists here to enjoy the show. But amidst the crowds and celebration, darker elements lurk: criminal organizations trafficking in stolen Pokémon, dissidents looking to disrupt the festivities, and agents from different Regions’ governments and militaries maneuvering to use the games to gain power.

Pokémon: Champion’s Dawn is a one-night game of friendly competition concealing secret intrigue, set in a grown-up version of the Pokémon world

[5/6 Weekend] Spring Guild Meeting[edit]

Politics and backstabbing *without* character sheets!

Officer Reports. Elections. Standing Policy debates. Masterings.

(More seriously, the Spring Guild meeting is when elections happen. Current students, if you do not attend, we cannot elect anyone to Grandmaster or Secretary of the Exchequer, and then the Guild will stop running.)

[5/20 Weekend] X-Camp[edit]

Want to learn to write games? Want to learn to write games in a really short period of time? Want to learn to write games in a ridiculously short period of time? Join us for X-Camp!

Write a game in 48 hours and then play a bunch of other ridiculous games that were also written in 24 hours!